Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No more Bobinini (Binki)

I finally did it I got ride of Braylee's Binki or bobinini is what she calls it! She did so good I thought she would have a hard time because she loved it!! but she didn't. I just cut a hole in it and told her it was broken and that she was a big girl now so she didn't need it. She did so good with out it! YOu will ask her where it is and she says big girl....

Broken Arm

Well it happened our monkey Braylee Buggles Broke her arm. Monday night we were just getting done with dinner. We were in the family room watching t.v. Braylee was on the couch and I turned around to change the chanel. I then heard Braylee screaming so I turned around and she was on the ground she fell off the couch and landed on her arm. She has been loving to climb lately and so she has been climbing up on the arm rest of the couch and standing up. I usually see her and get her down and tell her not to do that, this time I was to late. She cried for a while so I figured something was wrong but then she acted ok and started dancing and playing. Well that night she didn't sleep at all so I took her to the doctor in the morning. She was so good at the doctor he was checking her arm out twisting it and everything, she just sat there and didn't even cry. He said she is either really strong or it's not broken. He had me go to the hospital and do x-rays just in case so we did. Braylee was so good there to and didn't cry well we found out she broke her radius bone on her right arm. I felt so bad. Braylee was so cute though when the doctor put the cast on she didn't even cry and when he was done she said thank you to the doctor. It was so cute. I felt so bad I was so proud of Braylee though she did so good I love her so much!!!! She will have a hard cast on for 4 to 6 weeks. I will get some pictures soon of her arm and post them.


For my nephew Korbin's birthday we went over to jumping jacks in spingville. It is a place with a whole bunch of blow up slides and games it was alot of fun. Braylee loved it we tooke her down the slides and she loved them. The adults even had alot of fun playing. My mom went down this really high slide. She was so funny to watch for those of you who know my mom you know what I mean she was screaming the whole way down. We were all laughing so hard at her. It was alot of fun!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hanging out!

Here are some random pictures of us hanging out. The one of Braylee asleep on my lap was the other night at our house. I was just sitting there on the phone and she came and laid on my lap like that and fell asleep. Braylee never does that she is to intrested on what is going on I thought it was pretty cute though!!

Sledding at soldier Hallow

This year for the taggartt christmas party we went sledding up at soldier Hallow. It was so much fun and Braylee loved it. Besides that fact that when she would fall in her snow suit she could not get back up it was just like the movie a christmas story. But if you have not been there you should try to go it is so fun! It's nice to because they have a thing that pulls you up the hill on your tube so you don't have yo walk back up you just hook your tube on this line and get pulled up. The hills are all groomed so they are safe. We had alot of FUN!!!


This Christmas was really fun for us. It was the first christmas in our new house. We had alot of fun going to parties, going sledding, going to the cabin, hanging out with family and eating lots of yummy food. Braylee was so much fun this year. Ryan and I woke her up early. She loved opening presents, she got a princess kitchen that she loves. She loved opening her daddy's presents that were under the tree everyday. We did a lot of rewrapping. We had alot of fun with Ryan's Family for christmas eve we went to dinner and a movie and opened some presents. We spent christmas day at my parents house and had a fun time talking to my brother on a mission in south africa. We played games did puzzles, and ate lots of food and watched some movies. We had a really good christmas. It's always fun being with our family's

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cruise to Cabo and Ensanada!

Ryan and I went on a cruise to Cabo and Ensanada. We had so much fun. We went to the beach in Cabo, horse back riding on the beach in Ensanada and to the blow hole. The blow hole is where this water shoots up 100 feet out of the ocean. We had alot of fun shopping in mexico and finding some really good deals. We ate a ton of food on the cruise and we loved there hot chocolate! We stayed up late going to Kareokee. While we were on the beach horse back riding Ryan got the smallest horse his feet were dragging in the sand. the poor horse could barely move it was sad but so funny!!! My mom had a spunky horse that took off on a dead run with her and she was scared to death. We had alot of fun on our cruise it will deffinatly be a trip we will never forget.

Disney Land!!!

Ryan And I went to Disney Land with my my mom and dad and some other friends of ours. We had so much fun we looked like a bunch of kids running around there. We were there right after thanksgiving so disney land was decorated for christmas. It looked so pretty and it was fun to be able to see it all decorated. It even snowed in disney land!!!! It was alot of fun just going with adults we were able to go on all the rides. we had a blast.....

New House

Well we finally moved into our new house and we are loving it... It's nice to have our own place again. We built our house in spanish fork and we moved in in october. Here are a few pictures that some of you have been asking for!!!

Camping and the Cabin!!!

We love to go camping with my family. This fall we went on a trip with all the Gordon's it was alot of fun. We go up to a campground in Farview. Braylee loves to ride on the four wheeler she never wants to get off of it. We also love going up to Ryan's parents Cabin in mount pleasant. It's so relaxing to go up there and we love to play in the snow....