Monday, October 13, 2008

Fishing with dad!

Ryan took Braylee fishing the other night. Braylee loves her dad so much she is definatly a daddys girl! Ryan is so cute with her he is such a good dad. Braylee loves to hang out with her dad and Ryan is always doing fun things with her. As you can see by the Pictures Braylee wants to be just like her dad. We were laughing so hard at her she was trying to pull every face that Ryan was.

Gordon Campout!

Every year we go camping with the Gordons. It is so much fun! The boys go golfing, we ride four wheelers, go swimming, eat tons of good food and much more. It's so fun to get together with everyone. All the kids have so much fun together. This year all the little girls set up a beauty parlor where you could go get your nails done. Braylee loved that she thought it was so cool! Braylee's little cousins also put makeup on Braylee, she was in heaven she loves to put my makeup on. Grandma max brought three pinatas the kids loved breaking open them and all the candy. It was such a fun weekend and We are really looking forward to the next one!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Big Sister and Baby Contest!!

So for those of you who don't know Braylee is going to be a big sister! We are so excited I am twenty one weeks and we will be having a baby boy. We are so excited to have a little boy I'm not sure what to do with a boy since Braylee is so girly But Im sure we will figure it out quick. Braylee is so excited to be having a brother she already talks about her baby brother all the time and Ryan can't wait to start playing sports with our little boy! We can't wait to have him here. Braylee also won the baby contest she was so cute I didn't really think she would understand anything but when she won she just kept on yelling yay! She won a blanket with her name on it, she was so proud of that and her medal she would not let anyone touch it. Everywhere we would go after that she would ask me if we were going to the baby auntest (contest). We love her so much she is always making us laugh.

Friday, August 1, 2008


In June we were able to go to Hawaii with Ryan's Family, we had so mcuh fun. It is so beautiful in Hawaii! Braylee loved the beach ,playing in the sand and ocean she did not want to leave. We did alot of fun things while we were there. We went to the beach alot, went to an aquarium with lots of fish, turtles, sharks and Jelly fish, We took a boat out to turtle island and swam with turtles and fish They had a little board for Braylee to lay on with a glass piece that she could lay on and look through to see the fish. We went to a really fun Luau the food was so good. During the nights we would go to this one beach and catch crabs it was so fun. We had alot of fun I was sad to leave it went by way to fast.

Friday, July 11, 2008

*Happy Birthday Braylee Jo*

Braylee will be turning two on monday July 14th she was born on our first anniversary almost to the minute we were sealed. We were sealed at 9:45 and she was born at 9:50 I guess she really wanted to be born on our anniversary. I can not believe Braylee is already two time has gone by so fast with her. I have loved every minute of having her. Braylee is so much fun she has the funniest personality she is always making us laugh. She is such a smart little girl she is always amazing me at how much she knows. She is just like my little buddy now I can have conversations with her she will do whatever I ask her to. I always find Braylee getting into my makeup and putting it on herself she is a very girly girl! She loves to go swimmig,eat, dance, play with all her cousins and wear everyones shoes. She is deffinatly a daddys and Grandpas girl. We love her so much I don't know where the time has gone with her but i have loved every minute of being her mom!!!! Happy Birthday Bray Bray....( My Cousin julie did these pictures of Braylee she does an amazing job thanks again Julie)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

*Just a few random Pictures*

I thought these pictures were cute of Braylee So I wanted to post them. I love this girl so much I am having so much fun with her!!


Me and All my friends from high school decieded to start a club, we had our first one at Brick oven. It was so fun getting together with everyone and catching up with everyone's lives. Thanks Ashley for getting it started It's going to be so fun. We missed all of you that could not make it. I will be having it in June so hopefully everyone will be able to make it!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Gavin!!!!

Today is my little Brother Gavin's Birthday. Gavin is on his mission in south africa, he will be home in july. We are so excited to have him home he is so much fun to hang out with. We miss him alot! He has the coolest mission though, he has been able to hold lions, monkeys, stand two feet away from wild elephants, you name it he has done it. We hope he has a great Birthday in South africa we love you Gav!