Monday, October 15, 2007

St. George!!!!

We were just down in St. George with Ryan's family for his little brother Tyler's Football game he plays for bingham high school. They were playing down there so all of his family came down and stayed at thier house in St Goerge. We had alot of fun shopping, eating out, and going swimming. It was so Hot!!!!! Braylee loved playing in the pool with her cousin Brock there was a little ledge they could stand on and splash they loved it. On our way driving down we gave Braylee a pop tart and she got it all over her face as you can see but it made her happy!! It's always nice to go down and hang out in St. George!!!


We love to go boating in the summer. This was on the fourth of july with Ryan's Family it was alot of fun it was really hot but the water was so good for wakeboarding. We all rode the water weenie it was fun but it is crazy on there with My father inlaw driving the boat, Im surprised that no of us got hurt. Braylee loves the water she was always wanting to be in the water she did not want to get out once we put her in there. She also really like being on the boat it puts her to sleep so it's pretty nice for us!!!

Braylee's First Birthday Party!!!!

Braylee's First birthday was on July 14th. We celebrated her birthday with our families. It was alot of fun Braylee did not know what was going on but she loved her cake! She was so funny she loved to open her presents, well she loved to rip the wrapping papper. She was spoiled for sure. It was fun having her grandparents and great grandparents here to celebrate with her. Her cousins Beau and Brock loved to help her open her presents. She got a little mermaid car that plays music that she loves!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Braylee's First Birthday Pictures!!!

My cousin Julie Took these pictures of Braylee for her first birthday she did such a good job!! At First Braylee did not know what to do with her birthday cake. She first started picking in it with her fingers, then she started rubbing it on her belly, then she tasted it and that was the end of that she dove right in hands feet and all she loved it!!!!!!!!!

Summer Fun!!

Our Little Braylee!!!

We were married four months when we found out we were going to have a baby. We were so excited to start our family together. Braylee was born July fourteen right on our anniversary. She is so much fun we love her so much she makes us laugh all day long. She has so much energy, she is always on the go. She loves to go swimming, eat, dance, and play with her grandpas and daddy. She is now one year old time has gone by so fast with her we love her so much!!!!!

When Ryan and Josee Met!!!!

Ryan's Sister Cami and my friend Kacie were in the same ward so they set us up on a blind date. When we met we spent every day after that together. We were engaged after three months of dating and married after five months of dating. I know it was really fast but why wait if your in love right!!!!! We have so much fun together, its so much fun being married!