Monday, October 13, 2008

Fishing with dad!

Ryan took Braylee fishing the other night. Braylee loves her dad so much she is definatly a daddys girl! Ryan is so cute with her he is such a good dad. Braylee loves to hang out with her dad and Ryan is always doing fun things with her. As you can see by the Pictures Braylee wants to be just like her dad. We were laughing so hard at her she was trying to pull every face that Ryan was.

Gordon Campout!

Every year we go camping with the Gordons. It is so much fun! The boys go golfing, we ride four wheelers, go swimming, eat tons of good food and much more. It's so fun to get together with everyone. All the kids have so much fun together. This year all the little girls set up a beauty parlor where you could go get your nails done. Braylee loved that she thought it was so cool! Braylee's little cousins also put makeup on Braylee, she was in heaven she loves to put my makeup on. Grandma max brought three pinatas the kids loved breaking open them and all the candy. It was such a fun weekend and We are really looking forward to the next one!